High - Speed Broadband Network

There is no medium in this world that can travel faster than the speed of light. With fiber optic, the video, data, and voice are transmitted in form of light. It is said well: Why fiber optic is the best technology when it comes to a need of a broadband connection.

M-WIFO’s backbone network throughout Jakarta metropolitan is made of fiber optic cables. The fiber optic technology is deployed along main streets and business districts to ensure fast connection for clients when they need it. Data, voice, and video are inherent features in a high-speed broadband network of which they are including applicable IP phone, IP TV, video conference, video-in-demand, camera surveillance among other.

Our fiber optic backbone network is powered by Allied Telesis products and solutions which are offering highly available and reliable network, multiple ring capability, and greater redundancy. In addition to multi services such as connecting two PBX analog devices and Quality of Services (QOS).

Mesh Broadband WIFI

On M-WIFO network, clients do not only depend on the fiber optic for there is also a mesh-broadband WiFi network that acts as a support or supplementary network connection.

WiFi is a common standard for data connectivity in such a widespread of its availability on most PCs, PDAs, and others which are equipped with WiFi functionality. As a result, by connecting to M-WIFO, clients and new customers are getting an instant delivery time at low cost to internet worldwide.

Mesh technology guarantees the overall network’s greater performance reliability, ensuring that data can always be transferred using least busy routes within the network. In a case of there is an accidental fiber cut, the mesh-broadband network will be functioning as a temporary back-up for the backbone, so that there will not be any discontinuity in service. Another beauty of mesh technology is its broadband feature, which is capable to deliver up to 70 Mbps throughput for every single customer when it is required.

Our mesh technology is powered by Firetide products and services which are offering mesh wireless, fully redundant wireless, auto roaming, and high speed wireless connection.

Last but not the least, SonicWALL solutions is providing peace of mind to our network for secure internet connection, secure remote access, fully redundant internet connection.