Dark Fiber

To anticipate the growth and demand in the future, we have installed 144 fiber cores in our network, each core called as a dark fiber; whereas currently we use only 2 to 4 cores. We provide dedicated usage and our clients can enjoy a fully right to the usage of the fiber optic.

Another reason of why we have installed fiber cores more than we needed because we open a business opportunity, to work together with the telecommunication operators and other internet services providers. We offer to sell, lease or even exchange some of our capacity with other telecommunication operators. We understand that this is not the time for competition only, but C0opetition; “Cooperation while in Competition” where the competition and cooperation work along together. It is common business arrangement in the telecommunication industry now.

Leased Line

Flexibility is one of our advantages. From small business to large scale of companies that have many branches; we provide the solution. Companies that need interconnection services for local loop using metro Ethernet system in the office activities, we provide the bandwidth.

We have the flexibility in range of bandwidth depend of the clients need in running their business; from small to 100 Ggbs. For your security preference, we offer encrypted interconnection services using firewall or VPN box to secure data’s from modification during the transferring process.


For modern business that need interconnection services to the internet facility, we provide the leased line using NOC iForte as the internet provider. Clients will be able to do internet activities such as browsing, email, chat and VOIP. Again, our flexibility in the bandwidth range will be an advantage to the customer who seeks fastest and reliable connection since we provide dedicated lines using fiber optic and wireless to our clients.

Secured Internet

The ability to monitor and control all the incoming and outgoing data transferred is necessary; we provide internet connection that completed with firewall to select the outgoing and incoming traffic. This service will make sure that all the incoming traffic to our client’s network is secured and controlled. Our firewall installed will consistently warn and report, monitored by the operator team at NOC.


Customer Premises Equipment; an equipment that will be installed at the client side therefore our client will be able to use M-WIFO interconnection using wireless media.