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iForte launch wireless internet broadband for fast and secured connectivity in Jakarta metropolitan

Jakarta, 11 August 2008: M-WIFO, the largest fiber optic, mesh wi-fi network in Jakarta metropolitan, tonight announced the launch of a new product of broadband internet connection; M-WIFO – My Super Highway Connection.

The product launch and customer appreciation evening held at the newly – connected mall, named FX Lifestyle X’ntre, at 7th floor at 3 Degrees Club, one of the newest organic club in Jakarta.

The Ministry of Technology & Research, Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman, Mr. Ono W. Purbo, The expertise of IT technology was some of the 250 guests attended the M-WIFO launching. When most of the IT product launching event would be “heavy”, the party ambiences was informal and relax, entertained by Belly Dancer and the famous Indonesian Singer, Shanty.

Mr. Peter Djatmiko, CEO of iForte Solusi Infotek in his speech mentioned that M-WIFO born because “M-Wifo is born because we see the availability of broadband network especially in Jakarta still limited,” explained Mr. Peter Djatmiko, CEO of iForte Solusi Infotek. “We are here to answer this challenge and offer the latest technology, State-of-the Art Technology to our clients. This service would provide faster and secured connection. Our target market is corporate segment in Jakarta metropolitan. Therefore we have more than 250 km fiber optic network backbone installed underneath the main streets in Jakarta metropolitan.”

Short presentation in the midst of party was given by Mr. Andrie Tjioe, Director of M-WIFO, interactive with Shanty and Sophie Novita, MC at the evening. “M-WIFO has two strong connections through fiber optic that can be installed direct to the office from the closest last mile and Mesh broadband wi-fi through the strong access point”. “The beauty of this high speed broadband feature is not only use for data transfer, video and voice but also can be use for IP Phone, IP TV, video conference, video-in-demand and CCTV, “ said Andrie Tjioe.

At this evening, M-WIFO launch a special package to all the audiences “Free Dell notebook for all guests who sign up the application”. This event supported by iForte business partners such as : Firetide, SonicWALL, DELL, MERBAU, CCSI, CCC, ANDHIKA and JAPFA Comfeed group and door prize sponsored by DELL, Microsoft, Anahata Wellness and Spa.

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