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iForte Issued $10 Million Bonds to Expand Business

Jakarta, January 25, 2011 :

PT. iForte Solusi Infotek issued US$ 10 million bond to Karya Investments Pte. Ltd.

The loan agreement was signed between Mr. Peter Djatmiko, President Director of Iforte and Mr. Kay Mock, Managing Director of Karya Investment Pte. Ltd. on January 25, 2011 yesterday.
This funding is to be used for expanding Iforte’s Internet Broadband Connections network and for building new Micro BTS infrastructure.

Presently Iforte offers broadband network solutions and internet services to corporate customers primarily in Jakarta Metropolitan area using Fiber-Optic Cables that have been laid in major main streets all over Jakarta. The types of services includes dedicated Internet connection (with a speed upto 10 GBps), Leased Line, Web & Mail Hosting, Server Co-Location, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Dark Fiber leasing. Iforte also provides VSAT services through-out Indonesia with a hub located in Jakarta.

This year, Iforte is expanding its business to provide Micro BTS infrastructure in Jakarta Metropolitan to optimize the use of its fiber-optic cable backbone. Its target market for this business is cellular operators and Wimax (broadband wireless access) operators which need to expand their coverage in the city and/or improve their network quality in order to provide more reliable and better-quality broadband services to their customers. Iforte intends to build upto 250 Micro-BTS sites this year. This infrastructure will definitely help support Cellular Operators who find increasingly more difficult to build large telecommunication towers in Jakarta.

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